Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the GIA is composed of an Advisor for each practice where the GIA provides its services.

Antonio Flores

Advisor - Innovation

Telecom and Electronics Engineer, Executive MBA from IESE Business School, IEEE Senior Member and Member of the Technology Experts Team of the European Commission. 

Ana Trigo

Advisor - Arts

M.A. in Art History and Hummanities, and B.A in Law. Masters in Appraisal of Arts and Antiques, Museum Studies and Museography. Expert in Old Books Valuation.

Alfonso de la Rocha

Advisor - Cybersecurity

Telecom Engineer and Ph.D. in Electric and Electronics Engineering, expert in blockchain technology and digital transformation projects using disruptive technologies (Go, NodeJS, Python, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Hyperledger, BigchainDB, etc.).

Francisco J. Rodríguez Serrano

Advisor - Radiocommunications

Ph.D. in Telecommunications Engineering and founder of Beatik. Expert in biometric ID, artificial intelligence and process optimization.

Ramón Ugarte

Advisor - Big data and digital marketing

Telecom engineer and Master in Big Data Management and Digital Marketing. Expert in transformation project management.

José Manuel Jiménez

Advisor - Clean energies and Electric Vechicle

Civil engineer, PMP and APTIS certified. Expert in energy regulation, self-supply deployment and EV installations.